Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Mental Hill

I just realized I am one mile away from the 200s.  Shoulda run one more this morning.

I set up a running date with someone new for this morning.  She only needed 6 so I met her for the second half of 12.  I think this is the perfect pace for me.  Her goal for a 1/2 marathon was 2 hours and she's signed up for D2D.  She likes to run about 9:30-10:00.

The first half of the run this morning Bill and I set out and it was really rough.  We walked a lot and really didn't think I could finish the run.  I felt obligated to this person to finish the last 6 miles.  Bill stopped and went home about the first 6.  The second 6 I really pushed myself and we had negative splits until we hit the strong gusty headwinds.  Back in town we finished strong.

It felt great to finish 12 today.  The quote today kept ringing in my mind as I struggled through the run.  I was glad to have made it to the top of my mountain today.

Temperature: 49 degrees
Weather:  gusty winds, SE 19, threat of thunderstorms
Motivation level: 4
Energy level: 3
Today's Quote: "I'd rather be standing at the top of the hill that I just dominated unable to breathe, ready to puke, hair matted to my forehead, than at the bottom wondering what it would feel like."

today's mileage: 12 mile running
weekly mileage: 16 miles running
monthly mileage: 16 miles running; walking 5 miles
annual mileage: 109 miles running; 90 miles walking; 0 miles riding; 0 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 199 miles

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