Friday, June 21, 2013

An Unexpected Ride

We did our nightly walk after supper.  The dog was quite hot and tired so we brought her home and continued our walk, about 10 feet more.  We decided to get on the bikes.  Funny thing, we took out the crappy mountain bikes that sit outside all year and don't get any maintenance attention.  We were just going to bop around town, but it turned into something bigger.

We didn't have the Garmin, didn't have the HR monitor, didn't have a watch of any kind.  We just rode.  We rode fast, we rode slow, we rode together, we rode in a line.  We just went out on the road.

We started going out on our usual path, then decided to do the bike path (our road bikes don't like the limestone so well).  Bill asked if I wanted to do an Ethanol Loop, just to make it a real work out.  We came to our senses and given that we didn't have helmets on and the bikes were really not worth of anything outside of 1/2 mile from the house, we went to the Ethanol turn, about a mile out of town, and came back.  On the way back into town the bikes registered on the digital speed machine to warn drivers of their velocity.  We were only putzing around 8mph.  Had we known we could be registered on the machine, we would have gone faster!  Now we have a mission for later....

Temperature: 86 degrees
Weather: scattered clouds, winds SE 25
Motivation level: 9
Energy level: 9
Today's Quote: "There's a fine line between locating a satellite and starring at your wrist like an idiot."

today's mileage: 5 miles biking; 1 mile walking
weekly mileage: 1650m swimming; 20 miles walking/hiking; 1 mile running; 10 miles biking
monthly mileage: 4 miles running; 26 miles walking; 11 miles riding; 1650m swimming
annual mileage: 130 miles running; 208 miles walking; 53 miles riding; 1.03125 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 391 miles

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