Thursday, March 15, 2012

Family is medicine

We are having a great Spring Break and it's much needed to release some stress that has been building. Family time is always good for that!

After a really fast, adrenaline-filled Ethanol Loop a couple days ago, my shins were really feeling it today. I knew in the first 10 steps that there was no way I was going to complete the 8-mile goal. In the first mile I almost turned around and went back home the pain was almost unbearable. I just kept thinking, "I have to run through this and it will get better." I got to mile 1.3 and knew it wouldn't. I stopped and rested about 5 times, but I did finish the Ethanol Loop. My shins wouldn't stop stinging. :'''( I kept telling Bill and Rachael to just run ahead without me, but they stopped every time I did. It was good to have family with me or I would have quit much earlier, and probably should have! I iced my shins when I got home.

I am wishing to exchange shins for blisters right now. I just hope this isn't a stress fracture coming on...

today's mileage: 5 miles
weekly mileage: 10 miles
monthly mileage: 40 miles
annual mileage: 170 miles

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