Thursday, March 1, 2012


Overall this was a good run, but I can't shake the idea that most of my run have been tough this year. My shins have been killing me at the beginning of each run and I feel exhausted during them. I want to quit about a mile into it and it's everything I can do to keep going. I know I also have an extra 10-15 pounds that I am carrying around that needs to go. I know I have to do more cross training, including core, glute, and hamstring work. I have lots of excuses for not running or getting out of my rut. I vowed to remain positive this year and "keep my chin up", but I have to consciously and repeatedly rid my mind of the idea that I can't and focus on can. *sigh* Ok, I'm done; I'll get off my soapbox.

This morning walking to school was a beautiful morning. It was a great way to start my day. There was absolute silence outside. No wind. No cars. No bird singing. Just nature. I walked a little slower just to enjoy the beauty of the beginning. This afternoon was almost equally beautiful. There was a little , ahem, breeze, but it was really nice to be outside, especially after yesterday's icy weather.

I am excited that I have 10 miles in for this week. Last month was not what I expected, nor wanted, but I was still able to complete most of my runs. I am hoping to significantly increase that mileage. I think I have a good start.

today's mileage: 5 miles
weekly mileage: 10 miles
monthly mileage: 5 miles
annual mileage: 135 miles

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