Sunday, April 22, 2012

Will it work?

I rested another week.  I have been having nagging headaches that Ibuprofen won't cure for the past 4-5 days.  It may be the result of other factors, but it is there, concerning me.  I almost didn't run, but went out anyway to see if it would work today.

3 miles felt great.  I wasn't stomping like I was last week.  I wish I knew the variable that made me do that.  I always have a good run if I don't stomp.  This was true today.  I didn't do much stretching and didn't take music or anything else with me.  I did however take the Garmin to be sure I wasn't going to fast.  It was a good, easy 9:29 average pace.

About mile 2.7 I started getting a mild headache and stomach ache, but I think the stomach was due to eating a handful of carrots before I left.  oops.  The headache was a bit concerning, but I pushed through it.  At the end I stopped and the world wasn't turning so that was good.  I walked a bit to cool down and was still feeling good.  By the end of the short walk I thought I could do this!

Maybe this week I could get in a couple Ethanol Loops and see how that goes.  I don't think I'll start up where I left off a month ago, but maybe push for an 8-10 mile run next weekend.  I'll see how that goes and then build up from there.  This would still give me a chance to do Dam to Dam and an early summer marathon. Whoohoo!

today's mileage: 3 miles
weekly mileage: 3 miles
monthly mileage: 6 miles
annual mileage: 200 miles

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