Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Come on in, it's beautiful!

That's how I'd describe the water today.  It was a beautiful day for a swim!  The water was a bit warm, but it was good swimming.

It seemed like there was so much going on during this swim today.  I don't think I was rotating well all the time so I consciously rested my arm on my hip and rotated to get my hand out of the water.  I also worked on my breathing.  It felt like I was a little panicky when I got water in my mouth or up my nose.  I tried to snort it out, but panic set in and I stopped swimming.  Darn it.

I felt like I could finally get to a point where I wasn't struggling to get from one end to the other.   It was like looking at the eye fooling pictures where you have to focus just right to see the picture and then BAM! it all of sudden pops in to view.  And just like that it's gone.  I got a glimpse of what Mr Vardotrichic told me last summer: think slow and calm.  I was able to relax and glide through the water.  The next lap I was working hard again, heart racing, out of breathe at the end.  I want that feeling back!

One thing I realized about my swimming today was that I totally stop kicking when I breathe.  What?  Yeah, I'm in glide mode with no forward thrust.  Another thing I realized was that my hand can pull a lot of water.  That's right, my shoulders are quite sore tonight.  So, Vardotrichic a question: what is the hand supposed to do in the water?  I noticed mine is pointed straight down as it pulls the water down and back.

I also worked on breathing.  I feel like my breathing has improved so much since last summer.  I've worked at breathing every 3 strokes.  This gives me a breath every other side each time.  Today I wanted to see how far I could push that.  I took 4 strokes to every breath.  This meant breathing about 4-5 times across the pool.  That felt amazing.  I want to do that again.

Overall it was a great swim, but I could tell when I was getting tired.  I did 28 laps, but really wanted about 32.  While I was a little short of my goal, I feel like I gained a lot today.  Too bad Morgan Freeman wasn't there.

Temperature: 80 degrees
Weather: mostly clear, calm winds 
Motivation level: 3
Energy level: 9
Today's Quote: "I plan on having such an awesome run Morgan Freeman should narrate it."

today's mileage: 1400m swimming
weekly mileage:  1400m swimming; 3 mile walking
monthly mileage: 13 miles running; 15 mile walking; 2 miles biking; 1.16667
annual mileage: 156 miles running; 235 miles walking; 58 miles riding; 2.19792 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 430 miles

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