Monday, July 15, 2013

Holy hot batman!

I started helping a friend meet some goals today.  I went out to her house in the country for a short workout and then ran home.  This gave me about 5 miles.  I thought I can't be a hypocrite so I have to run home.  Wow, was it h.o.t!  I left my comfort zone on this one.  I usually avoid heat all together, especially when it tops 90 degrees.  I was very thankful for the SSE wind - it really helped to cool me and dry some of the sweat.  I downed 20 oz of fluid in these few miles.  Good thing as I had about a 9:15 pace going.  It really felt great to let loose and run.  The heat did get to me, but I really think it was mental more than physical.  I'll keep working on my discomfort zone.

Temperature: 93 degrees
Weather: partly cloudy, 12mph SSE winds 
Motivation level: 7
Energy level: 8
Today's Quote: "Success in running means leaving your comfort zone.  Learn to love your discomfort zone."

today's mileage: 5 miles running; 6 miles walking
weekly mileage:  5 miles running; 6 miles walking
monthly mileage: 18 miles running; 21 miles walking; 2 miles biking; 1.16667miles swimming
annual mileage: 161 miles running; 241 miles walking; 58 miles riding; 2.19792 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 441 miles

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  1. Sometimes it is good to step out of our comfort zone, but make sure to do so safely!! Nice work!!