Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beat the Stinky Heat

Another "mid" run with my new trainee today.  Rachael ran with me this morning to beat the heat and keep safety in numbers.  We left the house about 4:45 and it was beautiful morning to be running.  Again it was a tough 2-3 miles but then got better.  My goal was an easy 10 min pace and we were dead on with that all the way through.  If it weren't for her with me I know I would have stopped.  I just didn't have the motivation this morning to be out there.

I love early morning runs.  They are so peaceful and calming.  I have really missed her nonstop chattering next to me.  We haven't had a run together in a long time.  We were almost to the turn to get to the house and I saw something on the road.  I run without my glasses and it was still dark out so I asked Rachael if it was a bird along side the road.  She said no, thought for a bit, and said, it's a skunk!  It must have been a baby one because it was very little.  She said, its tail is up!!  Holy crap.  I kept trying to focus in on it to see what it was doing.  It was running long the road, on the other side, tail up. I think our pace increased a little and I must have been thinking of ducking into the ditch because said, "You're pushing me off the road!!"  After about 2 electrical poles of panicked running, he finally ran into the ditch.  Phew.  We almost stunk more than just sweat.  So much for peaceful morning runs.

Temperature: 70 degrees
Weather: clear, 3mph SSW winds; 93% humidity
Motivation level: 3
Energy level: 5
Today's Quote: "You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great."

today's mileage: 6 miles running
weekly mileage:  11 miles running; 6 miles walking
monthly mileage: 24 miles running; 21 miles walking; 2 miles biking; 1.16667miles swimming
annual mileage: 167 miles running; 241 miles walking; 58 miles riding; 2.19792 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 447 miles

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  1. AWESOME!! You may want to run with your glasses on so you can see these things coming :)