Sunday, February 26, 2012

15 in town

Since I haven't run in the past 7 days, I knew my weekly goal of 20+ miles wasn't going to cut it. That would mean a minimum of a 20 mile run today. So, I set a goal of at least 13, but really wanted 15. For some reason, a half marathon distance was really weighing on me for a long run this week. I did 12 last week, so I mentally needed the 13 this week. What am I thankful for this week regarding running? I made my 15 mile long run goal. In town!

So I woke up and looked at the weather and there was a wind advisory! Oh my, this was going to be a long run. Think positive! I can do this. I will break it down into 3 - 5 mile runs. That's Ethanol 3 times. Bill is on call this week so he can't be far from home. We got about 8-9 miles before we had to go back over some streets again. It was a beautiful morning if we didn't go south much. :)

At 5 miles we came back home, refilled beverages and Rachael got on the bike. She rode the next 5 miles. Bill dropped off at mile 9 and Rachael and I finished the next leg. At mile 10 we were home again to drop the bike, catch our breath and back out. When we first started again, I was very light-headed and mildly disoriented. It was like I was approaching the wall! I was dumbfounded. It just didn't make any sense to me.

About mile 13 I didn't feel like I could go anymore. We stopped and walked a bit, about 1/4 mile. I had already taken 3 gels during the run, but another at this point wouldn't kick in until we were about done. I kept forging ahead. We took another break about mile 13.77 It was all I could do to keep moving. I started talking to myself out loud and Rachael was encouraging me. :) This brought me to the finish line. It was good to be done, but felt great! There's that runner's high I was looking forward to. Accomplished.

today's mileage: 15 miles
weekly mileage: 15 miles
monthly mileage: 55 miles
annual mileage: 125 miles

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