Thursday, August 8, 2013

Case of the Mondays

I woke up this morning and (thought) I heard rain outside my window.  There have been threats of rain and storms all week so this was logical to me.  Hmmm, I wonder if Jill will want to run in the rain or if I should just go back to sleep.  I finally dragged myself up to look out the window.  What?!?!! It hasn't rained at all; everything is dry!  Darn it.  I really do have to do this run.  Ugh, it was like a bad case of the Mondays getting motivated today.  It's Thursday!

I finally got up and got ready to go.  While sitting on the couch checking the weather, I saw someone run by.  Oh crap, I overslept and totally missed her!  Oh wait, she wouldn't run with her dog.  Ugh, another case of the Mondays.

Out the door I went.  This is only 4 miles; I can do this!  Getting to her house I didn't see her.  She is usually standing out waiting for me in the street.  DOH, maybe that really was her running past my house this morning.  Maybe she will swing by my house again to see if I'm up yet.  Well, if she isn't there, I'll see if lights are on and at worst, run on my own.  Ugh, another case of the Mondays.

I got to her house and saw she was by the garage.  Maybe she just got out there?  We got going and about a quarter mile into the run I glanced at my watch and the lap pace didn't appear to be working!  What?  Dang.  The GPS was on, I paused and restarted the button, nothing seemed to work.  I guess I'll just rely on her and then run the extra little bit to finish the mile.  Ugh, another case of the Mondays.

She said she was also having problems getting motivated this morning to get out the door.  This is why it's great to have a running partner that keeps you motivated.  After a couple miles I look at my watch and it appears to be working again.  I called out my mileage and she called out hers.  We were about .8 miles different - I was "behind" her!  How could that be?  I was, in reality, about 1/2 mile ahead of her.  Maybe all the messing with it earlier got it going again.  Ugh, another case of the Mondays.

In the end, I really have no idea how far I ran, but I am guessing somewhere between 4.75 and 5 miles. It was a crazy Monday, uh I mean, Thursday run.  I did love running again and having a schedule.  It was great to run some distance and then push hard at the end to see what I could do.  It was great to be accountable to someone to get myself out the door.  It is great to wake up the sun again.  I think this will be a good year, things are looking up this week!  I just might like Mondays from now on.  :)

Temperature: 58 degrees
Weather: clear, no winds; 91% humidity
Motivation level: 2
Energy level: 7
Today's Quote: "Look in the mirror.  That's your competition."

today's mileage: 4.75ish miles running
weekly mileage:  18 miles running
monthly mileage: 24 miles running; 10 miles walking; 8 miles biking
annual mileage: 191 miles running; 270 miles walking; 66 miles riding; 2.19792 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 489 miles

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