Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cross training

The girls' 4-H group had a Winter Activity going to the roller skating rink. I thought, ok this might be good cross training for me! wowzer, I didn't realize how much work it would be trying to help the babies learn how to skate. That was great work for the upper arms! I was only swept off my feet a couple of times, and only once was it unexpected. It was a fast couple of hours, but good for me. I have been doing minor cross training with lunges, stretches, glute work, but this was great for the arms.

When we got home I still had to do my long run for the week. I was fortunate to have such nice weather today (33 degrees) and 20mph winds, straight out of the south. I thought about running to Ellsworth and back, but we didn't get started until about 5:00 so I knew I'd be running in the dark on a busy highway. No thanks. I am also fortunate to have multiple routes to run so we did a "puppy loop" and then some laps in town. While I wanted to stop early, I kept forging through and completed my run. I felt great about completing and it was good to see a beautiful large red sunset around mile 2. What a beautiful night for a run.

weekly mileage: 17 miles
monthly mileage: 35 miles
annual mileage: 35 miles

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