Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flashback and Epiphany

Ok so I walk out of school today and it's 30+ degrees colder than yesterday and 48+ mph winds! Hmmm, so thankful I have a treadmill in my basement. I thought I'd run 4 miles or until Bill got home, whichever was longer. I set up the "movie theater" and started the treadmill.

As I was running, I realized I was on Memory Lane. I felt the strong urge to hold on to the handles and sides of the treadmill. I saw every tenth of a mile tick away on the odometer. I constantly monitored my calories burned, fat calories burned, the minutes add up, and the heart rate. What were the differences? I ran 1mph faster than I did when I first started running 3 years ago and kept that pace the entire time. The pace calculator indicated a 9:15 pace. That's pretty good for an old lady. lol That is about the pace I want for the marathon; it would put me at a 4:02 finish. So, this is the flashback.

Now for the epiphany. I run very differently on the treadmill than on the road. OK, I know this is nothing earth-shattering, but I have been having IT Band issues again and can't seem to lose weight or inches. First the IT Band. I think I've been landing on the outside of my foot and rolling inward. When I consciously think about my foot, I land more on the inner ball of my foot. It doesn't seem to bother me as much that way. I just need to think about this while I'm running outside. Maybe I need to go back to Runner's Flat and get my run recorded again. I guess I could do that myself, but I don't. OK the weight lose and inches thing: I have a confession. I'm addicted to dairy, chocolate, and wine. :) I know those are vices and I really shouldn't but if I crave anything lately, those are what I eat. I caught a glimpse or two of my reflection today and thought YIKES! This was the impetus to run tonight. It makes me want to run more, harder, longer. I am about 14 lbs heavier than 3 months ago and not liking it! I will conquer this too! I can!

weekly mileage: 8 miles
monthly mileage: 26 miles
annual mileage: 26 miles

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