Friday, January 27, 2012

When to Say When

Situation: I need a long run this weekend, like 10-12 miles.
Problem: I'm in Minnesota, 3 hours from home, in a hotel, Friday through Sunday.
Dilema: My goal is 75 miles the first month and I'm 18 miles and 4 days from that. If I do 12 on a dreaded treadmill, I will only have 6 left to do until the end of the month. That is definitely doable.

So, I check out the fitness center at the hotel and see I have my choice of 3 treadmills with a ¿TV? screen on them. No outlet for a charger. There does appear to be a notch that can hold my laptop so I can watch a movie as I run. I did bring 4 movies, not knowing what mood I might be in tonight. OK so this might work.

I'm on a runner's high from that great run the other night, but know those kind of runs are usually followed by not so good runs for a week after! :/ They had a free Happy Hour about 3 hours before I started running. ok, maybe one glass of wine - who can turn down free wine?! It was a really tough, no REALLY tough run. It was all I could do to get through it. My hamstring was screaming at me and knee was knocking. I walked a bit to try to slow my heart rate and hopefully give my legs a breaks. It was all too reminiscent of Quad Cities last 6 miles. I started running again and my groin started hurting. ok I think it's time to listen to the body.

WHEN! Can I have my foam roller please?

weekly mileage: 14 miles
annual mileage: 67 miles
monthly mileage: 67 miles

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