Sunday, August 12, 2012

Au natural

I've been so crazy busy this week that I haven't even had time to post my workouts this week!

Friday night Bill and I took off for Webster for a "date".  I discovered that I left my Garmin charger at my parents' house when I was there for the tri so I it wouldn't last through this ride.  I knew I could at least get there, but then would be on my own for the rest of the ride.  Looking at the weather I figured it would be hellish going up, but so great coming back.  I just had to get there and the work would be done.  We stopped at Subway for a quick sandwich, refill of water, and then back on the bikes to head home.  I had a lot of great "world problems solved" on the way home.  It was great to get that off my shoulders!  I was rather worked up and realized almost home that I was really pushing it hard.  Sorry, Bill.  He made a record mileage on that trip and it was good to get home.

The next morning Rachael and I ran with the Vardos in Ames.  What a beautiful morning for a run!  We got in the van and the temp read 48 degrees!  Wow, I can't remember the last time it was that chilly!  We were shivering like crazy in the parking lot before we left.  Since the watch was completely dead, I was really running "au natural" on this run.  9 miles of just running.  Me and Rachael, then "Waldo" joined us.  After a few minutes, I realized that I had run with Mike last time.  We had a good chat.

Our run started off a bit slow as usual, then up to about a 10 min pace with a couple ladies - Chris and Kim.  We crossed the street, following the people in front of us, but Chris and Kim continued on the same side of the street.  We started running a bit faster and eventually caught up to the water break and joined Waldo.  He and Rachael helped pull me through the last few miles.  I think if it were just me and Rachael out there, I probably would have stopped so it was good we were with a group.  I think our pace was a little more like 9:30-9:40, too.  The route was a nice rolling hill kind of route - perfect for me!  I loved it.

today's mileage: 9 miles running; 42 miles biking
weekly mileage: 12 miles running; 42 miles bikin; 1800 m swimming
monthly mileage: 19 miles running; 58 miles biking; 1.3125 miles swimming
annual mileage: 371 miles running; 373 miles riding; 9.9375 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 735

running: 71 miles
riding: 70 miles
swimming: 4.2 miles

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