Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reverse BRick

Today there was a threat of thunderstorms, 12mph winds gusting to 25+, but that didn't stop me!  I met a friend in Webster and we ran 11 miles.  It had been a couple months since I was in the double digits for running.  It was a very slow run, but the body was working today.  I feel like I could do Dam to Dam next weekend if I signed up.  That was good for my confidence.  I needed that.

Boy, the winds were crazy awful today.  On my way up to Webster to run the new bike trail I got a text from my bike partner asking if I still wanted to do the ride today.  Yep, I wasn't going to let a little "breeze" stop me!  She thought I was crazy.  About mile 4 on the run we were in the clear, away from trees, and I really thought I was crazy for wanting to bike in this wind.  I mentally needed to complete this, even if it went horrifically slow.

Got to Kamrar and Bill was waiting for me with the bikes.  We went to where my biking partner was and we took off from there.  WOW that was windy.  The first 10 miles into the wind we averaged about a 6 minute pace.  The last 10 miles with the wind we averaged about a 3:18 pace.  I am so pooped and ready for a nap!

today's mileage: 11 miles running; 20 miles biking
weekly mileage: 11 miles running; 20 miles biking
monthly mileage: 29 miles running; 67 miles riding
annual mileage: 238 miles running; 79 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 307

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