Thursday, May 31, 2012

Practice Run with the kiddos

OKOK, this is a play on words.  Tomorrow is the start of IronHawks, a wellness competition of sorts at school.  I will be conducting 3 running workshops: 1-miler, 3-miler, and a 5-miler.  I will explain stretching routines, motivation techniques, hydration and nutrition, and injury prevention.  I thought I'd try out some different routes today for the workshops and thus did a "practice run".  I invited the kids to run with me today, but only Rachael and Noelle took me up on the offer.  I was surprised the babies didn't want to run.  I actually let them stay at home alone for the first time.  We did lots of talking before I left and they did a super job!

today's mileage: 3 miles running
weekly mileage: 8 miles running
monthly mileage: 37 miles running; 67 miles riding
annual mileage: 246 miles running; 79 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 315

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