Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Could it be....?

Could I really be getting this swimming thing down?  I was so excited about this swim today that I almost called Vardotrichic.  It felt so great!  A few weeks ago I couldn't even breathe, today I swam the complete length of Furman, and could have gone farther!  It was a great feeling.

Yesterday's swim was kinda weird.  I don't like having my students watch me swim.  I felt like I was starting over, but yet making progress.  Today I was in a "private" pool where no one knows me so I was uninhibited.  I felt very relaxed and the breathing just took care of itself.

I tried to not rely on the board as much today and really focused on getting a smooth breathing sequence.  I think I got it, on both sides.  I am still definitely stronger on the right side, but I watch my arm come out of the water on the left and breathe in as it comes toward the top of the swing.  In an earlier post I mentioned that it works best to feel the back of my head rotate into the water.  I was conscious of this and I think that is the key to making this all work.

By the end of the swim, I was able to alternate side with breathing!  Vardotrichic suggested a 3-stroke breathing sequence.  I don't quite have that, so I just breathe a few times on one side and then glide a little longer and then make the next stroke on the opposite side.  It's probably not ideal, but it is progress.  I'm getting ready for another lesson if you're up for it, Vardo!

My goal was to complete 1200m so that I could complete the next IronHawk swim portion.    I really wanted to go a full 2 miles, but I figured it was going so well I didn't want to push my luck.  Besides, I had to go potty really badly so I got out of the water after an hour.  Once I completed my goal, I decided I would complete an hour of swimming, however far that took me.

Some reflection on my slump:  I am reading a book about a guy who did 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.  He talks about the differences between men and women running, and their motives for running.  My first 2 years of marathon training I was running with someone and we were able to  hold each other accountable.  I have done a few runs with other people here and there, but mostly running has been on my own.  I think I need a consistent running partner, a mini running group.  This is the social component of my life that I need.  I love to run, but really like a partner.  I don't have a consistent one right now.

today's mileage: 1600m swimming
weekly mileage: 1600m swimming
monthly mileage: 3 miles running; 1.8125 miles swimming
annual mileage: 300 miles running; 206 miles riding; 5.1875 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 519

running:  31 miles
riding: 15 miles
swimming: 2.7875 miles

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  1. Nice work!! I am glad to hear you are doing so much better in the water!!

    Social running and training definitely helps!! You are always welcome to run with the Vardos on Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings. Let me know if you are interested!!