Monday, July 9, 2012

Negative Splits

I got up at about 6:00 this morning with the intent to go running.  I sat on the couch trying to talk to myself out of it but at the same time talk myself off the couch.  I checked the weather.  60 degrees and 95% humidity.  About then, a quote from the book's author, Karny, came to mind:  You always regret not going for a run because you feel awful, but you always feel great after a run and never regret it.  OK fine.  I'll put my clothes on and go.

I started off and remembered how great it felt running with the Vardos because they started slow, like a 10:28 pace and within a 1/4-1/2 mile were up to running pace.  That felt amazing.  As much as I really want to do that every run, I am so excited to go out to run that I always start too fast and it takes great will power to start slow.

After about a tenth of a mile I looked at my watch.  9:14!!! WHAT?!  I can't keep this pace.  I need to slow down.  About .76 miles I looked at my watch again.  9:14.  Geez, I'm still maintaining that pace.  I should really slow down or I won't be able to finish the 3 miles.  It was all I could do to keep going.  I really just wanted to stop and walk, but again Karny was in my head telling me to keep going.

Mile 2 passed. 9:12  Seriously?!  I'm getting faster.  How can this be?  At this rate, I'll be at 9:10 for the last mile.  OK, my mind is screaming stop, but my body is screaming go!  My mind says you feel like crap and should stop.  I even heard some crows overhead saying, "CAW CAW, look at that roadkill down there, CAW CAW!"  I pushed forward. 2.6 miles @9:00 min pace.  By the time I turned the corner at Casey's and was almost done, I noticed I finished with a 9:02 final pace.  That felt great!  Karny was right.

Swam 2000 meters this afternoon during a lesson with the Vardos again.  I learned how to roll to breathe.  Gotta swing my hips!  Afterwards I got back in the van with the kids and felt extremely nauseous.  I drove a little and then stopped to just sit and rest.  I had a few giant sneezes and continued on.  I finished driving home and now am just sitting on the couch - nauseous.  :(

today's mileage: 3 miles running; 2000m swimming
weekly mileage: 3 miles running; 1.25 miles swimming
monthly mileage: 21 miles running; 3.0625 miles swimming
annual mileage: 318 miles running; 206 miles riding; 6.4375 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 537

running:  49 miles
riding: 15 miles
swimming: 4.0375 miles

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