Friday, July 27, 2012

I love wind; repeat until you believe it!

I pushed myself to a new limit.  I made a record length ride today: 43 miles!  I gave myself a goal, added in an errand that had to be done, and completed it!  It was rough, but I did it and it's done now.  Tomorrow is supposed to be raining and storms so I headed out on a big ride today.  I may be repeating it tomorrow.  We'll see.

The heat wave finally broke so I thought this would be a good day to do a big ride.  I first jumped in the water, had Rachael time me to see how that was going.  Yep, as expected there was no 6 minute finish. I was happy with it though.  I completed the 300m in 7:45.  I'll take that.  8 minutes is my goal so that's ok.  I really think that is more realistic than the 6 minutes I had in the 50 m pool, although I think I do swim better at that pool.

The ride was cooler, but much MUCH windier!  There were 20mph northerly winds.  I decided to go to Webster and combine it with some errands.  It was a good goal, but I could have easily stopped part way because it was quite a challenge.  I knew race day could be equally windy so I kept forging ahead.  I am really really hoping for SE winds race day so that will mean they will be NW.  Poopy.  I really wish I could download my rides and runs.  The ANT on my Garmin has been acting up.  I know on the way home I was flying!  Wow, that felt GREAT!  I was a consistent 2:44ish pace.  Anything less than 3:00 is in the 20s mph.

When I hit 39 miles I felt I was hitting the wall.  All of a sudden I just couldn't go anymore.  I took 2 gels with me, but was really out of gas and couldn't push anymore.  I wasn't dizzy or anything like that, but I was just so exhausted.

Yesterday I went to the tri course and walked the run course.  Hmm, yeah, well, that will be a challenge for me!  It is a very hilly course and only about 1/2 mile is on paved surface.  I slipped and mildly twisted my ankle a couple of times so this could interesting.  The bike course will be ok with one big hill about mile 5.  I can do that.  This will be great! I'm really looking forward to it.  The best part is I will be rotating through my weakest sport to my strongest sport.  YEAH!

Only 6 miles left to complete the next IronHawk!  That will be done soon!

today's mileage: 43 miles biking; 300m swimming
weekly mileage: 2 miles running; 61 miles biking; 1.5 mile swimming
monthly mileage: 50 miles running; 91 miles biking; 5.25 miles swimming
annual mileage: 347 miles running; 297 miles riding; 8.625 miles swimming
TOTAL mileage: 657

running: 78 miles
riding: 106 miles
swimming: 6.225 miles

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