Friday, June 8, 2012

Broken Dozen

Today was another set of running workshop.  I didn't figure I'd get too many with the Jewell 5K being tonight and there are a number of people who are doing this for the first time ever!

I wanted to incorporate these shorter runs into one longer run today so I was just going to run a little extra.  After looking at the forecast, I realized I better get out there early to avoid the heat of the day.  Rachael wanted to run all of them, too, as she was complaining that she has only done 5 mile runs and wanted something more than that.  The total mileage was 9 miles and I wanted at least 12 today, thus the "broken dozen": 12 miles broken into smaller chunks.

We went up to school a little early, we dropped off our stuff and did 2 miles.  We got back to school and no one showed up for the 1-mile run so we went back out for another 2 miles.  We had a taker for the 3 miler so we did that one, now we were at 7 miles.  All that was left was the 5-mile run.  Again no one was there for that one so Rachael and I took our stuff home, I had a gel because I felt I was out of "gas".  Noelle wanted to ride her bike with me and Rachael thought she could finish off an Ethanol Loop now that she had a break.  Boy those last couple miles bit the big one! but we did finish a full 12 miles.

That's a good feeling to get that one done.  The heat started getting to me and I think I even stopped sweating the last couple miles, which is probably why it was tougher.  We did the run/walk thing so our pace was really slow, especially at the end.

today's mileage: 12 miles running
weekly mileage: 12 miles running; 30 miles riding; .8125 mile swim
monthly mileage: 25 miles running; 65 miles riding
annual mileage: 271 miles running; 144 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 425

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