Saturday, June 2, 2012

Group Ride

Last night an old friend of mine started a chat on Facebook about biking.  I invited her to our weekly 20 mile Kamrar Loop.  It was a casual ride averaging 14.7 mph.  The winds were <10 mph from NW so it was a beautiful ride.  It was the first time I wore a long sleeve shirt so it was a bit cool.  I was glad I put it on at the last minute because I think I would have been cold otherwise.  In all, we were a group of 4, our biggest group so far making this ride!

I think my "post partum" is getting better as I wasn't uncomfortable until about mile 16.  I think the bike shorts help, but I also think I'm getting a bit calloused to the position.

I think I'm ready for a bit longer ride now.  I'd like to try a ride to Williams or Story City.  Bill has talked about riding somewhere, getting a snack/treat/meal, and then coming back home.  He said he'd go about anywhere if ice cream were dangled in front of him. lol We might have to try that!

today's mileage: 20 miles riding
weekly mileage: 17 miles running; 21 miles riding
monthly mileage: 9 miles running; 21 miles riding
annual mileage: 255 miles running; 100 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 365

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