Sunday, June 10, 2012

Early riser

Well, it may not have been an "early-riser" morning, but we did get out before the kids got up so I guess that counts.  I went to bed last night wanting to get up about 6:00 and do a 25-30 mile ride before going to church.  It's supposed to be in the 90s and winds of 25+mph.  The first time I woke up and looked at the clock it was about 6:45.  Nope, I didn't have time to do that ride!

I finally got up about 7:05 and went into the bathroom to do a slow routine.  Bill followed me in the bathroom about 30 seconds later with bike shorts on!  Hmmm, looks like I'm doing a short ride this morning.  :)  I went back into the bedroom and dressed for a ride.

Thinking the winds were going to be out of the west, I took it easy, but found myself doing a sub 3:00 pace.  Hmm, this is kinda easy.  I bet I'm not going to like turning around....  Nope. The winds really starting picking up and we were doing about a 4:20 pace.  Darn it.  It was a relatively quick ride, and we could have pushed it more, but didn't since we had the time to burn.  I didn't even put the HRM on  today.

The past couple days I had a few people ask me about running so I'm hoping to get a few out of bed tomorrow morning and do a few miles running.  We'll see.  I might be on my own.

today's mileage: 10 miles riding
weekly mileage: 12 miles running; 40 miles riding; .8125 mile swim
monthly mileage: 25 miles running; 75 miles riding
annual mileage: 271 miles running; 154 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 435

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