Wednesday, June 6, 2012

first swim of the season

OK, maybe I'm not ready for a tri!  ha.  Yesterday I got myself signed up for a weekly swimming session on Wednesday mornings.  It was great to get in the water with a purpose without having to supervise 4 kids.  I managed to complete about 1300meters.  When I got home looked it up and should have done 3 more laps to complete the mile. DOH!  I was in the water for about an hour and then had to get home to take the babies to their "bus stop" for an event they are doing this week.  Maybe next week I can stay in there longer and complete the first Ironman by the time I leave for Spain.  That would be a good goal for me.

Last summer I talked to Vardotrichic who suggested I get a kick board and practice breathing in the water.  I did that ... not so successfully.  I just need experience in the water with this.  I remember her saying Mr. Vardotrichic struggled swimming one lap when he started training so I mentally go back to that - this is possible I just have to believe and keep working on it.

I tried the kick board a bit and tried putting my face in the water, but I think I subconsciously have a fear of drowning or something.  I just can't seem to make it work.  I get frustrated too, because I know I can go much faster on my back or on my tummy with my head out of the water pushing my hands to the side in a big circle.

About half way through the swim I realized the pool was humped in the middle so I would swim/walk the laps.  I think I can walk about as fast as Vardotrichic can swim!  lol  I kept going back to the crawl trying to work on that, but always went back to the breast stroke because that's my fall-back.  Time to check out some tutorials!

Three realizations this morning: 1) my body rotates in the water with every stroke.  2) my right side is definitely dominate!  I was always running into the ropes.  Once I compensated a bit for this I got a little better  3) I still need lots of practice, but I WILL conquer this!

today's mileage: 1300m swim
weekly mileage: 0 miles running; 0 miles riding; .8125 mile swim
monthly mileage: 13 miles running; 35 miles riding
annual mileage: 259 miles running; 114 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 383


  1. Nice work this morning!! Just remember..."Rome wasn't built in a day!!" You will get there with time and perseverance. Goggles may help too :)

  2. Yeah, I need to do more than just Wed mornings. I have to get myself some confidence to get in the pool here in town. Yep, I thought I needed goggles, too. I think if I can see underwater, it may help me. It just looks so easy watching everyone else around me. :)