Sunday, June 3, 2012


This weekend was supposed to be our first duathlon, but we missed the registration and things just got crazy so we didn't do it.  Bill thought we could do our own private duathlon.

The neighbor lady has been wanting to start running so I called her up and did the first mile with her at a 12:00 min pace.  When we dropped her off, Bill and I did another mile at a 9:38 pace.  We stopped at home for our transition to the bike.  We did an Ethanol Loop and then out to the Kamrar turn and back again.  The transition went pretty smoothly, but I could tell I didn't have fresh legs for biking.

The bike part was good, but we didn't push like we probably would have during an actual event.  I think we averaged about 12-15 mph.  I really felt like my legs were tired and I needed some nutrition with me.  My butt was sore, but it wasn't unbearable.  I can start to feel it in my left knee.  I really know nothing about biking form so I hope I'm not giving myself an injury.

Now, the second transition back at home was a different story.  WOW!  Who knew that would be the craziest feeling on legs I'd ever have.  Holy cow, that was weird.  I don't know that there is anything anyone can say to prepare you for that sensation.  I was running with bricks tied to my legs and feet!  Now I think I can truly understand the term "BRick".  We only had a couple miles so I thought, ok legs, you can do anything now.  Gee this is really weird.  We both had to go potty so bad, too. I just kept telling myself, it's only a couple miles - you can do this blindfolded!  Gosh, pick up your feet!  I was really landing flat-footed, I want to be more on my toes.  Ok, thick, heavy legs, let's' go!

In the end we logged 18 miles.  1 hr 39 min.  Average speed 10.9 mph

They say if you plateau with a sport you need to shock your muscles by changing up your routine.  This is one thing I like about biking.  It's easy to change and I think I'm trying some new things and new combinations with the bike.  I love that I have over 100 miles logged on it.  I'm ready to start some longer rides now.  I will do a 30-35 mile ride this week for the IronHawks Challenge and then another 9-mile run workshop.

today's mileage: 4 miles running; 14 miles riding
weekly mileage: 21 miles running; 35 miles riding
monthly mileage: 13 miles running; 35 miles riding
annual mileage: 259 miles running; 114 miles riding
TOTAL mileage: 383


  1. If you are having some knee pains, you should get a bike fit done to make sure your set-up is good. I had a problem with this over a year ago and was unable to swim, bike or run for over a month. When I was able to go back to it I felt like I was starting over. It all stemmed from an improper bike fit!! Don't make the same mistake I did!!

    I LOVE the "jello" legs feeling and actually run really well off the bike. I think it is because I am warmed up and ready to go :) Most people don't like this feeling though.

    Nice work today on your own duathlon!! It is so much fun to try new things!! Soon you will be doing triathlons as well :)

  2. "Jello" was the exact term I used, about 10 steps into the second running part. But, that feeling seemed to go away and left me with more of an exhausted legs feeling. That last couple miles of running, I could tell from our breathing that we were both working harder than usual But I think we had a 9:36 and 9:39 pace, which is actually pretty normal for me. Overall, it was a good run/bike/run.